Originally the Downey Park Professional Center partnership was established in 1969 to be the organizational structure for the group of medical/dental persons who established offices at 1213 Coffee Rd. Modesto Ca 95355. It was known in City of Modesto planning records as PD 32.

Consisting of 16 medical and dental offices, only one is currently available.  See list of current occupants here.

Why us?

Our dental and medical professionals want to provide a beautiful and peaceful environment for themselves, their employees, and their patients.

For those who work at Downey Park Professional Center, arriving everyday to a pleasant, spacious atmosphere can start their day off to a good start!

For patients, not having to struggle to find parking, walking through mature landscaped grounds and sitting in office waiting rooms that have wood paneling, skylights and windows can help take discomfort out of their lives.

In a park-like setting, this office complex offers top quality benefits to the dentists and doctors that decide to operate their practices here.


Map of Complex

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